Adventure Awaits

Decades ago, the great underground city of Aedaria was cursed by the gods and fell into darkness. Since then it has laid undisturbed by man, nearly forgotten. The cursed city is said to swallow anyone foolish enough to pass it’s gates. But there will always be adventurers, fueled by dreams of riches and adventure that dare to delve where none else do…

Explore the Lost City

Dive into a hand-crafted, procedurally-arranged dungeon where you explore an ancient, magical city, battle enemies, search for loot, and try to make it out alive.

Spend your spoils

Return to your camp on the surface where you can use your spoils to craft new weapons and armor, brew potions, prepare food, and upgrade your stats at the Soul Forge. When you think you’re ready, return to the dungeon and choose a higher difficulty level to test your mettle and get better loot.